søndag 28. februar 2010

11 things about me you probably did not know

And most likely don't need to know.

  1. I have a habit of doing things backwards, like reading a magazine starting with the last page, watching series starting with the newest episode etc. When I was a hatchling I wrote my letters backwards, and my name sometimes.
  2. I'm a troll. Yes I am. I sometimes troll on forums.
  3. I have a seriously bad memory and attention scale. You might have to repeat yourself 2-3 times verbally. If it's written I usually read it 2-3 times (or more if I'm giving a long answer).
  4. I dreamt about being an archaeologist, carpainter/airbrushing, furniture designer, photographer, carinterior designer/custom builder, chef, truckdriver and psychologist (probably more).
  5. I love horses. And I will most likely buy one when I can afford it. My favourite breed is the Icelandic horse.
  6. Every year until I turned (10-)15 yrs, I went to horsecamps in the summer. Evas rideleir a couple of years, three i believe, and Sulseter. Sulseter is one of the best memories I have. Riding in Rondane mountains is just pure gold.
  7. This year watching the Olympics, I got hooked on curling.
  8. I love Donald Duck (and Stephen King), and I have it from my mother. She's got like two big garbagebags full of pockets from the 80'ies and present time.
  9. I still think there's monster under my bed.
  10. If I have a wall available, I sleep with my nose touching it. Love the cold feeling.
  11. I broke my right arm the first day in kindergarten.

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