mandag 15. februar 2010

New skincare routine

I'm trying out Jan Marini. My skin is a failure, combo, acne-prone rosacea, sensitive, dehydrated urk..
Anyway, been using JM's products for two weeks now. So far i highly recommend them. The first week I didn't really feel any difference, but now I can really see and feel it working. Below are some pics and how they work for me.

This cleanser contains AHA acids, glycolic Acid to be exact. It really makes all your impurities purge out of the skin, and gives a smoother surface. It doesn't really clean the dirt away, so if you wear makeup i recommend a makeup-remover before this one.
I use one pump and massage it in damp hands until white. Then massage it onto the face until the white goes away. If you have sensitive skin, you can leave it on for 5min once a week for a more peeling effect. Remember to be careful with this in the start, only use once a day if you're sensitive.

This serum smells like a piña colada. All the smells can be very overwealming at first, but after a few days you most likely will enjoy it, or have learnt to live with it. In the beginning I didn't quite get what this was supposed to do. It felt like expensive watery lotion. But now it feels like my skin is thicker, and more resistant. Shake it well, and pump the serum in and out of the dropper a few times, otherwise it can get yukky and brown. I vary between two or three drops. Depends on how thirsty my skin is.

Not much to say about this. One of the best SPF's for the face I've tried. Don't worry, it won't clog your pores. I use the untinted version.

Transformation with a big T. Like the serum, I didnt know in the beginning about this one. It didn't feel hydrating enough, and it didn't show off any immediate results. As the past two weeks have flown by, I can truthfully say it has in fact transformed my skin. It makes the red scars, you know those bastards that use like a year to heal, fade away faster. They're still very red, but the skin is more even. It also calms my skin down, the redness after the face wash, and the hot feeling fades away. It is very expensive, but damn I love it.

I also use this one;

This is Decleor's cleansing water. It suits sensitive skin very well (not if it's essential oils you mostly react on). It's a cleanser and toner in one, and no water is needed. Perfect for lazy days, after squeezing yukky stuff off your face, or if you're no way near water. Just pour some on a cottonball or pad, and swipe it over your face. It's also good as a makeup-remover. Honestly a HG. From time to time they sell these in 400ml at FeelUnique for a bargain price.

I recommend buying Jan Marini at PrettySkin4Less, or Ebay. (I bought from the seller brandnameskincare)

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