lørdag 20. februar 2010

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

Today I got my package from iHerb. I got castor oil and jojoba oil. For a year or two I've been reading about the oil cleansing method which seems to good to be true. Here's a site with more information http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/ .

So basically,
it's supposed to loosen all the dirt and oils off your skin without stripping your skins natural oils. I ended up mixing (was supposed to mix 25/75% castor/jojoba oil) pretty random squirts into my container. Guessing on the feeling I had on my skin, I think it was about 35/65%. Little to cleansing for my winterdry skin. If you haven't got that yet, the castor oil is the cleansing oil, it makes the impurities pop out, and the jojoba oil, well yeah. Jojoba oil is used by many girls all over the globe. It's very moisturising as it's very similar to the skins own sebum.

What I did was filling the clean sink with some hot steamy water and placed my washcloth in the water. Then I massaged the oils into my dry and clean palms, then massaged it on my dry but not cleansed face. Kept massaging for a couple of minutes, firm but light strokes. The more you massage, the deeper the oils will go,
but not clog (for me this almost ended up as a exfoliation since some of my blackhead came out).
Then I pressed the water out of my cloth, aircooling it a few seconds since I have rosacea. And if you have this skincondition to, be aware that we can react badly to very hot things, both external and internal.
place the cloth on the face, lightly pressing it all over until it starts to cool. Then wipe some of the oil carefully off, and rinse the cloth in running hot water. Repeat this step until you feel satisfied. Think I did it four times or so.
Finnish it off by rinsing the cloth in cold water, then place the cloth on your face until it starts to get to room temperature. This will close your pores.

The skin feels sooo amazing straight after this. I was almost shocked. But after a few minutes, my skin drank all the oils. So I took a drop or three of jojoba oil in my hands and patted it onto my face, then followed up with Jan Marini Transformation cream. This is because my skin is dehydrated. If your skin is not dehydrated but only dry, the oil would be enough I think. I will not use this method every day. Mo
re like once or twice a week.

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