torsdag 28. januar 2010

Arena season 8: mage, wait.. what??

Am I the only one thinking that the season 8 gear for mages looks like.. Warlocks? I mean, yeah, mages have been very similar before, but glowing eyes hidden in a hood? Come on. That's so warlock! Take a look at the first warlock set and combine it a little with tier 4, then dash on some glowing shards on the head and you have mage set. Congratz! Hum..
Which then again brings me to warlock tier 9. That looks like something a mage should wear. And ofc it is, mages tier 9 looks almost exactly the same. Quit the slacking blizz.

On the other hand, the season 8 warlock set looks awesome :) Oh, and so does the hunter set, eventhou it's perhaps one of the most nonspooky pvp sets seen on a hunter. Imo.

Warlock season 8:

Mage season 8:

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