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Beginners in the nail art world

What is pretty obvious is that I've only had this obsession with nail polish and nail art the last year and a half. Reading blogs about the subject and seeing all the gorgeous designs really made me eager to try. Why on earth didn't I google nail polish blogs earlier?
Anyway, I had to get myself a good variety of stuff I could use for nail art. Buying one and one bottle, and teeny weeny wheels with crazy expensive rhinestones wasn't very tempting.. I've been an eBayer since I discovered the place, and I've never had a bad experience shopping there so I decided to take a look. You'll find pages on pages with nail art stuff for a cheap price (note that these are mostly china products, and you don't want to use glitter and such close to your eyes in case of reactions. I can't brag about these being environmentally safe to produce either).

What I recommend a beginner who wants a large selection to produce nail art from, are the following:
Nail art pen (comes in 24 and 48 pack mainly)
100 pots mix nail art (this will give you a solid mix to choose from glitters to shells and all in between)
Orange wood sticks (well, toothpicks are usable too)
Rhinestone nail art wheel (there are several sizes to choose from)
Nail art brush (I recommend getting the 3pcs ones with red, green and blue "heads", and then you can get like a 15pcs set)
Fimo canes

eBay search for the bold letters to find the products I'm talking about. I did not buy any of these from top rated sellers I believe.. But general positive feedback (500+ reviews) with a score above 98% is enough for me when it comes to these cheap things.

                                                      Nail art pens
These "pens" comes in a good variety of colours. Shimmery, sheer, glitter, creme.. They come in plastic fantastic containers and most likely a bottle or two will leak inside the package when you get it. The brushes in the bottles vary from great precision to a badger tail, so you might have to trim some of them. Or simply use one of the 3pcs set brushes. Under the cap, there's a tiny hole you can squeeze polish out of and make dots. These will clog, but just poke the hole with a needle and you're good to go. Great to have at backhand if your nail polish collection isn't that big yet.

Rhinestone nail art wheel
Although you get a solid amount of stuff in the 100 pots mix, these wheels are also worth buying because of the round shapes. Rhinestones are so easy to use and can spice up any mani. They can be annoyingly magnetic to the container, but it's still great.

Fimo canes
Get a pack with some nice designs and you're good to go. Very versatile, and only your mind limits the choices you have. Earlier post about them: http://elrania.blogspot.com/2010/06/fimo-canes.html

100 pots mix nail art
Great great mix to get your hands on. When you open your package you might have some glitter spill all over, and many of the lids were loose. But I did not loose much product and my cat likes the sparkles. There's not really much more to it. No duplicates in the mix. (picture is coming)

Orange wood sticks
Great for pushing back cuticles and picking up rhinestones etc.

Nail art brush
The 3pcs set were my first nail art brushes (stripers in three lengths). They're very durable and keeps their shape perfectly after many uses. The 15pcs set I bought mainly because of my urge to try out acrylic paint. Good selection, but I haven't used these much in nail polish remover so I can't tell if they stay in shape after heavy usage.
Also, a dotting tool will be handy if you want to produce some nice dots.

Any questions or requests, feel free to ask in either English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. *thumbs up*

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