søndag 28. november 2010

4.0.3a kept me busy

As all of you active wow gamers know, patch 4.0.3a launched this week. The shattering of the world, water everywhere. Yes, quite an exciting patch preparing us for Cataclysm. So I'll show you in pictures what I've been doing, and I still have sooo much to do! Haha, Blizzard knows how to keep us busy.

Also, I was helping out a friend with a pilgrim achievement, the one where you have to go to the alliance capital cities and sit at their tables. Well.. That was one hell of a task when the Auberdine boats are gone, and guards are level 85. THANK YOU! That took 2h 20m, x deaths, and 53g repair. I even had to sacrifice myself (bear druid), so she could get the chance to sit down at the Ironforge table. They could have seriously waited with the 85 guards and removal of portals until we can learn Azeroth flying... Now, the pictures!

First off, look at the cute babies!

You'll also get a personal boat for use in Thousand Needles. Awesome much.

Meet my pet dog Frank. He can lock is jaws.

Then I got the Goblin mount, Trike. I don't feel environmental friendly in it.

Then I found myself a seagull, named Irriterende. He makes annoying seagull squeaks, so I'll be using him in PvP. Because I can. Irriterende can do a backflip.

Then I found myself a cute fox.

He knows how to dance, and with that I'll call him the ultimate girls pet. No name for him yet.

I got picked up by a valkyrie.

Had a nice girl talk with Lady Sylvanas.

And then I got picked up again by a valkyrie, next to a dead guy this time.

Needless to say, I actually love the new stuff for now. Goblin quests is something everyone should get to! Wonder what the world will do to me next.

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