torsdag 18. november 2010

Tis the season, 3 in 1

The last couple of days have just flown by me totally. But although the days have passed, I've still coloured my nails! So here's China Glaze: Midnight Kiss, Naughty And Nice, Mrs. Claus.

China Glaze Midnight Kiss is a wonderful pale gold foil. I only have one negative thing to point out with this one, it bubbled up a little when it dried. It may have been just a reaction with my NailTek base. Two coats.

China Glaze Mrs. Claus is exactly what I would think Mrs. Claus would wear, in both clothing and nails. It's a redish pink base with pink and silver glitter. It flashes so beautifully in the shade, perfect girls night out polish. Love eeet. Two generous coats.

China Glaze Naughty And Nice is a very dark plum red. I was actually a little disappointed with this one. With the first coat it had a lovely vampy red plum colour, but on the second it looks very black. Also got some bald spots during application. Two coats.

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