torsdag 17. desember 2009

E.L.F Cosmetics

Another makeup review.

So, eyes lips face is the brand. One of the cheapest.
I ordered eyeshadow brushes, cream duo eyeshadow, mineral eyeshadow primer and studio concealer with brush.

The brushes are okey. They messed up while making one of them thou, was some glue in the bristles, and i ripped off many hairs while trying to remove it! If your wallet is slim, these are great, if not, buy MAC or something instead.

The cream duo smells funky, but is great on. I am using the butter one now, as a sticky base for my eyeshadow. It's important that you use a primer and loose eyeshadow/powder with this one, otherwise it will grease like heck.

The concealer contains mineral oil, but it also contains tea tre oil and salicylic acid so i don't know if it will clog anything or not. Creamy and easy to apply, and the brush is good to blend with.

The primer is fab! On youtube you can see many people comparing it with urban decays primer potion, and in all, the elf one have a better value. My swatches really was stuck on my hand when i tried to wash them off, lol. And the eyeshadow-color pops (but it pops even more with the cream eyeshadow on top of the primer).

Here are some pics, and I'm using a cheap palette here to really put the primer to the test.

I used the peachy one, row 3 the far right, and the brown in the left corner.

From the left; No primer, Primer, Primer and cream shadow.

On the eye with primer, cream eyeshadow and a more expensive eyeshadow at 16.00 (yeah, I'm wandering around in my sweats with eyeshadow on one eye)

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