onsdag 16. desember 2009

Animal testing

-With a bunch of hypocrites.

I've been reading alot of blogs, Norwegian mainly, with young girls going "GOGOGO NO ANIMAL CRUELTY". I mean.. Come on. I support "against animal cruelty" 100%, but believing an email they get from a company saying that they don't test anything, is kind of bullshit. Think about it. How many can with their hand on the heart say that absolutely none of the ingredients have been tested at some point? And how can they even know? Maybe not in this decade, or the one before that. Sounds like a major lie to me. And when some companies (i.e The Body Shop, Yves Rocher) try to explain this to the consumers, they get "not animal-friendly" stamps on their forehead.

The important thing is to boycott all the companies one can actually dig deep and find lab-rats being tortured, or beagles for that matter, and stop wasting precious time on theories and speculations.

Protect our little babies

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