fredag 11. september 2009


I'm happy right now. I was farming in Zul'drak when i decided to look for the time lost proto drake. (nah didn't find him). Then I thought, fine, I'll go to Sholazar and look for the rares there. First, early in my route, I found King Krush. I tried taming him, but i failed. That doesn't matter, he's not that good looking anyway. And since i had used my Call stabled pet to put away my gorilla, I went to nessingwary and got him out from there, and the dino was still alive :) And then he suffered a long and dreadful death from my gorilla's thunderstomps. I took a 5-10 min break, reading where to look for Loque'nahak. And 3min's after i started to look for him, i tagged him with my macro! My heart was pounding like heck. *frostarrow-tame-hope for no gankers*
And so is the story of me finding the pet i've always been looking out for, but never farmed.

My wowhead comment:
Tamed him 15 minutes after i killed king krush. (I tried taming him, but failed.) I was the only hunter in the area and im still shaking. So this 3-6 hour respawn thing is just bullcrap if these two rares share spawntimer.

King krush - loc 30.5 at 04.55 o'clock
Loque - loc 21.27 at 05.11 o'clock

Been looking randomly for this gorgeous pet, and right now I feel like the luckiest hunter alive. Off i go looking for TLPD ;)

Shattered Hand (EU)

Am i happy i stayed up late? Oh yeah!

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