lørdag 5. september 2009

The Fall

Don't you just love it? Sure, you won't be able to use your fab pumps, but say hello to comfy fashy boots! Layers and layers with soft warm clothes, I love wool.
Anywhooo, I was just brewing a cup of cocoa to warm my freezing body when I realized.. The smell of hot milk is absolutely yummy! I just wanna lick the cup, haha. (Yes, people tell me I'm special.)

*takes a sip of the cocoa*

I believe this is my favorite season for sure. Watching the water pour down outside, with a cup cocoa in my hands, playing WoW, tucked in a faux-leather blanket I got from my brother last christmas. Oh, that reminds me, I have to start shopping presents! Each year I tell myself to start early, I think most "presentlovers" can recognize this syndrome. It's like the new-year goals. "Woosh, what was I saying?"
One thing that annoys me about gifts, is how fast children grow. Feels like its yesterday I gave my nephew a little barking dog marked 5-12 months, or something. Now he probably wants model cars and soon enough his license. I like buying something safe to people, stuff I know they need or want, just with a twist and something personal. I don't just buy gifts anymore, I always put a thought behind it. And since I'm trying to be as green as I can, brown paper with silk bows is the thang. It makes it more personal too somehow. Try it out this christmas, everyone will know which package is from you;)

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