søndag 4. april 2010

I'm testing: Zumba

Corny, I know. But since it keeps getting more popular in my country, I had to try it. I love dancing and shaking my ass. If you don't, Zumba ain't for you.

I looked through the first DVD, alright. It looked simple enough. I skipped the part-for-part learn the moves stuff and jumped straight on the 20min express workout, a lil' dare devil. Lawl.
Well, it starts and ends very easy for me. I've never really been good at hip hop dancing, so that part was difficult for me. The salsa on the other hand *thumbs up*. The workout is divided in 5min of each style, but don't worry. It will keep you moving all the time.
Reminds me, I tried hip hop-freestyle when I was younger. Hah! What a show..
Anyway. If you really put some effort in it (shake, jump and move), it's actually a good workout. Although, people keep talking about how they feel it in their abs. I don't. My stomach isn't really that weak either thou. So don't expect too much from this dancing, it's just a fun cardio.
I don't recommend wearing running shoes, I ended up taking them off. I guess finding my aerobics shoes won't be a bad idea! Black marks on the wooden floor incoming.

Edit: I can't do this more then one 20min express workout a week. A total kneekiller this, so be aware if you have weak knees.

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