fredag 16. april 2010

Batiste dry shampoo (brunette) review

Earlier this week there was a sale on Batiste dy shampoo's. Originally I was gonna buy Tropical only, and I wanted the Diva one. But noo the damn lady behind the counter made me buy this one, eventhou I'm not really that dark of a brunette. Anyway. 37,- NOK is a bargain.

The shampoo part of this really works, it absorbs all the excess oil and makes your hair feel fresh. Absolutely excellent for those of us that get sticky hair between washes, even if it's just 24hrs. It gives that "newly cleaned" volume, no more and no less.
The colour isn't BANG brown, the spray looks a little grey? on my hair. Might be because of my roots are browngreyish (actually, I'm classified as a dark blonde. Pale black? Boring colour). But be aware if you're wearing makeup. I got some of this on my forehead without noticing it, and with my pale skin I almost looked like a dalmatian. It's easy to wipe off thou.
Over to the smell.. Now.. The first thing it reminded me of was: bimbos. It's like a "sweet-self-tanner perfume". Not really anything for me, but it does smell good.

I highly recommend dry shampoos for men! But buy the original one so you avoid the sweet girly smell. If you're tired of your hair looking dull and greasy after a day, or perhaps your husbands hair. Spray him down with this, it does have some hold so you can shape the hair to look gohoood and fresh. Really guys. Just.. Spray. That cap/hat whatever you hide your hair with, will only encourage your hair to drop to the floor. Yes, fall off! We don't want that now, do we? The hair needs air. Oh, it rimes.

Update: The water in my shower turned into a gross dirty brown. I forgot I had used this product and went "yuuuuukkk how can I be this dirty?!". lol

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