mandag 6. desember 2010

Two christmas designs

IEEK, are you guys excited? Cataclysm is launched tonight! *dance*
I've already installed the game, which was by far one of the fastest DVD installations I've ever experienced. My plan is to play archeologist all night while I'm consuming unhealthy food. Oh game world..

Anyway, I've had two manis the last couple of days, but the image quality isn't all that good.. Sorry about that. I also have cold sores on some of my fingers, so I won't be posting pictures of them all. Speaking of cold, our tap actually froze the other day. lol

Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas, dressed as Santa. A must right?

And a chain of sloppy Christmas lights.

Oh, I received my order from Coastalscents today. And I do believe the Camo quad concealer is my new HG.. I'll review it after a few weeks. :)

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