torsdag 27. mai 2010


Finding safe sunscreens is a really tough job.. Not even half of the products you see will deliver the amount of SPF or the UVA protection it claims. In EU we have (although Norway isn't technically a member of EU, we always follow Sweden like puppies, still) very strict guidelines on the SPF and UVA, so shopping brands that doesn't follow these can be very risky.

Let's take my favourite i.e. Jan Marini Antioxidant SPF 30 (chemical filter). I checked up on the amounts of active sunprotecting ingredients from this one, and the SPF is around 20 and it fails in EU standards.. The old formula lacked in UVA protection, but the newer have parsol 1789. So in all, it is safe to use if you really need a lightweight cream that doesn't make you shiny, but you don't get the 30 SPF, rather 20. So be aware of that.

Note that there is two types of filters in sunscreens. Physical and chemical. On your face you most likely want the chemical filters since they tend to be a lot lighter, better UVA protection and sink better into the skin. These absorb the sun rays, but can irritate your skin, so stop using it if it does. Chemical filters are also less likely to give you break outs. Physical filters on the other hand block out and deflect the sun rays, being a much more stable sunscreen but again. It's usually thicker, needs more work to sink in and can make you break out.

There is one brand I trust when it comes to sunscreens, La Roche Posay. They follow the EU standards and have enough UVA filter to protect you from those horrible wrinkles. I also use Cosmica sunscreen, which is great if you're travelling somewhere sunny and expect to use plenty of sunscreen (you can get them in 400ml bottles), and doesn't break me out. I don't have the percentage values on the Cosmica sunscreen, so I'm not able to figure out how well it protects. But on various tests made on other sites, it passes as a descent sunscreen.

You can get LRP from (Norway and Sweden at least can buy it from the pharmacy, French brand).


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